Cody Randell - Game Designer

Locust Blast – 2 Month Solo Project

After three months of using Unity, I released my first title called Locust Blast in July 2017. I am responsible for everything, though most art was done by Sara Macdonald.

Play Locust Blast!


Pod Escape – 5 day Game Jam

During a five day game jam I had a team of three game designers including myself and four artists. The genre we were given was “visual novel” so we came up with Pod Escape. I did all of the in-game logic, aside from the dialogue, using the Unity tool, Fungus.


Demonology for Beginners – 3 Month Project

This project is a virtual reality horror game called Demonology for Beginners. I was responsible for level design, programming the events and some asset creation; it is currently available on viveport.com.


Cosmikazi – 48 Hour Game Jam

My latest project was during a 48 hour game jam for the Macewan University Game Jam event. Myself and 5 others created Cosmikazi using the theme “Space” as our guideline. In Cosmikazi, you are an asteroid. You must smash smaller asteroids to gain enough size and mass to plug a black hole, all while very smash-able enemy ships are shooting you to break you apart.

This is the page-link¬†where you’ll find additional information and a download button!